Clover Wonder Clips (25 ct)

$ 15.00

Once you buy ten wonder clips you realize you should have bought more! The 50 pack seems too much so we've put them into convenient 25 count packs so that you can have enough to manager your next project. Wonder clips are incredible for zipper installations, working with knits or thick fabrics and their original selling point - binding quilts! You can move them while you sew and they don't distort or raise the fabrics like pins might. Pack of 25 wonder clips
We currently have 1 in stock. With fabrics, this may be approximate. All fabrics are sold by the yard. During these times of covid-19 we are only able to process whole yards, no smaller cuts. If there's a shortage with what you order, you will be notified before it ships/delivers to choose a swap or a refund for the difference. Thank you for your understanding!