Friday Pattern Company Hilo Dress Clothing Pattern

$ 18.00

The Hilo is a loose, flowy, boho style dress that is easy to sew. It is designed for knit fabrics with at least 10% stretch. There are two back options: a low, open back, or a bra friendly version that comes to a slight V.

Wear this dress with sandals and a floppy hat and you’ll feel like you’re on a tropical vacation. Layer it over a t-shirt, and it makes a great, everyday look. The double layer of this dress makes it both flattering and extremely comfortable.

Printed pattern + booklet instructions that come in a super cute envelope 5/8” seam allowance included Easy to sew Designed for knit fabrics with at least 10% stretch

Yardage Requirements:

XS-M // 45” wide // 3.13 yards (2.9 metres)

L-XXL // 45” wide // 3.4 yards (3.1 metres)

XS-M // 54” wide // 2.75 yards (2.5 metres)

L-XXL // 54” wide // 3.13 yards (2.9 metres)

XS-M // 60” wide // 2.38 yards (2.2 metres)

L-XXL // 60” wide // 2.75 yards (2.5 metres)

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