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make*do*mend: The Drygoods Design Make It Happen Club - October 2019 to June 2020

$ 875.00

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The past few years, some of our beloved moments in the studio have been with our Make It Happen community. Make it Happen is back again and we can’t wait to welcome you (or back) to our community of sweet spirits that love sewing, making, and being part of an inclusive place where help and support is there when you need it to achieve your making goals. We’ve made a few changes to provide more value and ease in scheduling your nine-month journey.

It’s another year to be part of a community, learn, and shape up your own book of work. Whether it’s finally fitting and making those three patterns in your stash you’ve never had the time or the wherewithal to tackle, or figuring out how to start going through your fabric stash, or finish a few projects from your favorite book, new or old, the Make it Happen club is yours for the taking. You can do a range of projects, focus on apparel, start quilting, or just keep building those skills you've been working on and see where the club takes you.

Please note the club is limited to 12 people. We also have our first “Light” version of Make It Happen, which meets just once a month.

Price: $875 (class time, private lessons and other benefits, not including unlimited studio time retail for more than $1300)
The Details and Print that is Fine:

Starts: October 1, 2019
Ends: June 30, 2020

  • Intro/Onboarding Session with the MIH teaching team in September to shape your plan for the nine months (we will send out session options in August)
  • Two passes per month to our Tuesday/Saturday Make It Happen Club sessions (3 hours each so six class hours total per month)
  • Unlimited non-instructed studio time each month, there may be days where others have booked or reserved machines, but if you’re already one of our people, you know we work hard to make things work for you. We will also have exclusive days for MIH club members to have sew-in days.
  • Five one-hour private lessons total to use during the October through June session.
  • 20% discount on all regular-priced merchandise purchases (excludes classes, gift cards, private lessons) from September 2019 to June 2020
  • Monthly check-ins (in addition to in-person work at class times) with you on progress, challenges and course changes
  • Access to a closed online information hub to make scheduling and information sharing easier
  • Exclusive special gift
  • And your choice between: Swedish tracing paper roll, a set of 100 pins, pattern tracing tools, or fabric marking set (these are tools you can transport or keep at the shop for use; we will have MIH cubbies).
  • There are no pro-rations, refunds, or replacements for Make It Happen; late cancels to scheduled sessions may result in penalties

Additional Considerations:
Much like a gym membership, MIH is an investment and for you to carve out time for yourself and your creative endeavors. Depending on club size, we offer  MIH class sessions each week to make it easy enough for everyone to get two sessions in per month. While MIH is different than our typical classes, our cancellation policy does persist in order to be able to make up confirmed sessions missed. We definitely are flexible when it comes to rolling over sessions for a couple of months but more than three hours of private lessons are not available at any one time.
Look at your schedule, ask yourself the right questions, and think about what can happen in your daily life that might hinder you from getting to Make it Happen for yourself. We love helping our students get things done but also can’t predict what life brings or move least not too much;).

Ready to Register?
Yay, we are so excited to have you be a part of Make It Happen. What happens next??
Once you sign up, we will send you a welcome email including all the details of next steps so that you’re hitting the ground running on October 1, if not before, as well some initial questions around your goals, hopes, previous challenges, etc. so that we can make the most of your intro session with us that will be scheduled for a time that works for you in September.

Once we meet with you in September, we’ll hand off your special gift and other goodies included from above, and we’ll start shaping your individualized plan for the nine months ahead. We’ll have worksheets available so you can have your plan, be it shaped or not, written down.

Want to do this but don’t really know what you want to tackle or where you want to go but just want a way to stay motivated and inspired? That’s wonderful and never fear, we have some really wonderful projects and potential books that would make for an awesome school year of sewing. We’ll also take a look at your typical schedule throughout the year so that if the holidays and other months are crazy times for you, your plan can be realistic for you and the course of life.

The Dates - please note all Tuesday dates are 6:30 to 9:30 p.m. and Saturdays are 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Tuesdays 10/1, 10/22
Saturdays 10/5, 10/26
Tuesdays 11/5, 11/19
Saturdays 11/9, 11/23
Tuesdays 12/3, 12/17
Saturdays 12/7, 12/21
Tuesdays 1/7, 1/21
Saturdays 1/11, 1/25
Tuesdays 2/4, 2/25
Saturdays 2/8, 2/29
Tuesdays 3/10, 3/24
Saturdays 3/14, 3/28
Tuesdays 4/7, 4/21
Saturdays 4/11, 4/25
Tuesdays 5/5, 5/26
Saturdays 5/9, 5/30
Tuesdays 6/9, 6/23
Saturdays 6/13, 6/27

All classes at Drygoods Design require prepayment and registration. In some cases, day-of sign up is available. No refunds are offered for classes. Cancellations received 72 hours before class start, which would be on or before August 28th 2019 in this case since we first meet with you in September, will be able to redistribute their class fees to another class.

Cancellations received less than 72 hours before class start or no-shows forfeit their class fees. We are unable guarantee the same class or session will be available for rescheduling.

Arriving more than 20 minutes late for class may is a forfeit of fees.

By submitting your order you agree to the above terms and conditions of classes at Drygoods Design.

*Please note that classes are subject to change or cancellation based on low attendance.