Studio Time at make*do*mend 15 Hours

$ 100.00

Take advantage of our sewing + craft studio, make*do*mend, including Bernina sewing machines, large cutting space, the highest quality of notions and supplies, and get to work on your latest project.

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff can answer questions and help you navigate the space. If more detailed questions and help are needed, please sign up for a class or private lesson.

Please note that a machine introduction class or equivalent experience are required to enjoy studio time.

Studio time is $10 per hour and includes machine use, a personal notions toolkit, cutting tools, irons, and other notions. Thread, fabric, patterns and interfacing available for purchase too. Want to save and sew more?

Purchase 10 hours of time and get five additional hours for free (15 hours for $100= $6.75 an hour)

We currently have 2 in stock. With fabrics, this may be approximate. All fabrics are sold by the yard. During these times of covid-19 we are only able to process whole yards, no smaller cuts. If there's a shortage with what you order, you will be notified before it ships/delivers to choose a swap or a refund for the difference. Thank you for your understanding!