You can read the original farewell message here. Want more information on the store closeout days? You can see the newsletter with more information here.

Looking for more information on the Machine/Furniture/Equipment Sale on June 11? Please click here.

While surviving the bulk of the pandemic impacts, after more than two years of working to stay open, the process and investment level to return services and inventory to pre-pandemic levels is no longer possible.

Yes, everything possible, with the resources available, during this time of depressed sales and traffic has been attempted to boost sales and hold tight while the world appeared to be getting back to “normal.” A world where traffic and sales looks more like the normal is too far off to try and survive further.It's with so much gratitude to the customers who have supported DD during this time and only wish it made sense to continue.

As it’s moving once again to a solo operation and the emotion involved in this decision, it will be a better customer experience to temporarily move to online only sales as the in-person closeout events are organized and prepared. As one might imagine closing a business can be even more complicated and time-consuming than opening one.

Please feel free to share your favorite Drygoods Design memory or experience. It is asked that if you have any questions or counters to why Drygoods is closing, you don’t share those. Just like a death or other loss, this is unique to those who are directly experiencing it and sometimes it’s best to just say, I’m sorry and nothing more.

On June 4th and 5th. More details on hours and organization will be shared in the DD newsletter and social media pages. Hours for the 4th will be 10 to 5 and 11 to 3 on the 5th.

All remaining merchandise, more than likely at a discount. The last day to use gift cards and store credits will be June 5th.

Those will be for sale too! These will be at a separate in-person event on Saturday, June 11th, possibly the 12th too, with all transactions being cash or check.

From 4 p.m. on May 14th through May 31st, all sales will be online. The site will be closed on June 1st through June 8th so that duplicate sales are mitigated during the in-store events. If there is some remaining inventory, those items will be able available on the site through at least June 12th.

Of course, however, it will need to be used in-store May 10 through May 14th and/or June 4th and 5th, as the online method broke in 2020. You can also place an order and include the number in the notes and that amount will be refunded as quickly as possible (this is certainly not a perfect or ideal process but it's what we have for now). Gift cards, as they are good for merchandise and services, they cannot be used to purchase furniture, equipment, or fixtures or other items considered to be “business assets.” The last day to redeem will be June 5th. Please be sure you have your gift card number. Like any other retailer, we are not responsible for whether they're lost or held by the recipient nor able to look up numbers for you.

Of course, you can use it towards fabric or other merchandise. Like a gift card, it can’t be applied online but you can be refunded that amount or come in by May 14th or during the in-store closeout event days. The last day to redeem or use these credits will be June 5th.

To consolidate pick up times as a solo operation, this will allow for enough time to process, pack, and fulfill all online orders. Store pickups can then take advantage of the in-store events. Any orders not picked up by June 5th will then be invoiced for shipping and shipped once paid. You’ll be emailed when your order is ready and information on how to pick up those days.