During this unprecedented time, the need for handmade masks to slow the spread is great. Our first goal is to collect them for healthcare workers, however, with the latest CDC recommendation for all of us to wear cloth masks when we're out, we know many of you are seeking the supplies.

At this time, elastic is scarce and we are waiting for our orders of additional 1/4" and 1/8" to arrive. We now have 1/4" well slightly narrower and super soft in stock. Click here.

So what do you need to make a cloth mask?

Fabric (Tightly woven cotton) - here's a link to our quilting cotton section

Bias Tape (you can make your own), or Twill Tape or Elastic

For Bias tape you'll want one yard for the pattern we recommend.

Unfolded paper clip, pipe cleaner, metal wire (optional)

What pattern should you use?

There are many, we've included a link to the State the Label version here. It's also inspired from Craft Passion which has children sizes available.

So okay, what do I buy?

  • One yard of fabric will make 24 yards of bias tape
  • One yard of fabric will make 15 exteriors based on the STL pattern
  • One yard of fabric will make 15 linings based on the STL pattern

You can also put in filters or use non-woven fusible interfacing/stabilizer for additional protection.