Why take classes at Drygoods Design? There are many reasons as we have a beautiful studio, provide much, if not all, of the tools needed, and have some of the friendliest and most patient instructors west of the Mississippi, however, we feel it's because we provide a space where you can be comfortable to learn a new skill. We help take the mystery out of what can be intimidating crafts to learn/begin/revisit.

At Drygoods Design, you could take a class almost every day of the week. We offer a wide array of classes, with a focus on sewing, crafts, and knitting. We have two sewing classrooms and two knitting studios - each equipped with the right tools for the job. When it comes to sewing classes we provide a well-running machine and all the tools and pressing aids needed for the class. You'll bring your materials needed for the project and possibly matching thread. For knitting and other crafts, you're often bringing materials and needles. In our intro classes, we focus on smaller projects so that you're initial investments can be focused on learning skills and techniques, rather than tons of fabric.

Our classes are geared towards adults and offer summer camps and some school year classes for children and private lessons for those 18 and under. Many of our classes take place in the evenings so any exceptions would apply to weekend classes for teenagers between 16 and 18. Are you looking for a class option for a group of four to six teens? We'd be happy to arrange a reserved session of one of our classes! Child and parent duos often enjoy semi private classes and/or weekend options.

Where should you start? Well, if you've never sewn, never really understood how it works, or it's just been years since you've worked with a machine, you can never go wrong with our This is a Sewing Machine class. Offered almost twice a week, it's our most popular and gets you going on, hopefully, a lifelong path of sewing enjoyment. Even students who learned in the past loved getting to understand troubleshooting the machine, various tips and tricks during the project, and learning best practices around prep and construction.

If it's been a long time since you've sewn or never, we highly encourage you to hold off on apparel sewing until you feel comfortable with the machine and general sewing techniques. This can be a couple of refresher classes or working on a more technical project that helps you get ready for one of our beginner apparel classes. Some of us are naturals, but if give yourself the space and the grace to learn with less stress and not jump too far ahead you'll find, as we've observed for more almost seven years of our studio, you'll have more fun and less stress. We see students who work on repetition go the farthest and love sewing for the long haul. We also believe in quality instruction and lower class sizes. While it would be more profitable to hold larger classes, we want to maximize each student's learning opportunities and be able to flex to individual styles as much as we can.

We also have many classes where you don't touch a machine - be sure to check out our craft section to see various embroidery classes, tapestry weaving, macrame, dyeing and more. Our knitting classes typically take place in Fall through spring, yet private lessons or arranging a group of friends for a class is always an option year round.

Crafts, and particularly sewing, can often be solitary activities so to be able to learn with others and from others, building a community, and making things is one of the aspects we hold most dear. Sewing and making things with your hands can be empowering, cathartic, and even highly relaxing. So come make something with us!

And as with any product or service there are terms and conditions. On our class listings you'll see our class cancellation policy. Why do we have one? Well, trust us that we wish simple reschedules, last-minute changes worked, however, in order to offer so many classes, a big studio, small class sizes, wonderful tools/machines, and skilled instructors, we have to ensure we can cover the costs of all these, and sustainably so. We've included our cancellation policy for your reference at the bottom of this page.

Other benefits of classes? You enjoy 20% off all of your materials needed for class upon registration. We love to see our fabrics in the projects in our classes, and an additional benefit of shopping with us is that our friendly and knowledgeable staff can help you pick out the right materials for the project. We've found over the years that there's a higher likelihood of students having fabrics or materials that don't work as well when sought out elsewhere. Many times you won't know the fiber content of the items purchased elsewhere and our goal is that you love what you make!

Our class prices are set to help those who want to make a new friend and hobby out of crafts and sewing. If you're interested in creating a revenue-generating business out of any of the classes/skills we teach, we encourage you to research schools in the area that teach design and sewing, as we are not a school, but a recreational hobby skill provider. Making something for a friend or family member certainly isn't included in this category. Mass production is a violation of the terms and conditions set forth by us and any of the patterns we carry in the shop.

Still have questions? Feel free to email us, anytime: shop@drygoodsdesignonline.com

Below is our class policy:

CLASS POLICY: All classes at Drygoods Design require prepayment and registration. In some cases, day-of sign up is available. Classes are non-refundable and are held to a strict cancellation policy; please be sure of your schedule prior to registration. Cancellations received 72 hours before the day of class, will be able to redistribute their class fees to another class. Cancellations received less than 72 hours before the day of class or no-shows will forfeit their class fees entirely. We are unable to guarantee the same class or session will be available for rescheduling. Late arrivals, past 15 minutes, may be considered no-shows and forfeit class fees. 

****By submitting your order you agree to the above terms and conditions of classes at Drygoods Design. 

*Please note that classes are subject to change or cancellation based on low attendance.