Current Shipping/Delivery/Store Pickup Options during pandemic response


During the covid-19 pandemic, Drygoods Design as operated with only one person and maintained a two-day or less processing timeline, be it shipping, delivery or pick up. After four months of non-stop, a break is needed. Shipping, delivery, and store pick up will resume after this weekend.

Wondering the best way to get your order?

While the pandemic has shifted so much, the Drygoods Design desire to get you your order as quickly as possible has not changed, however, working as a company of one versus six, means some pivots and patience.

If you live outside of Seattle, you'll want to select shipping, which is currently discounted. Most orders are processed within one to two business days and lovingly packed and shipped to you!

Live in Seattle and want to limit packaging and how many people come in contact with your order? Free delivery for orders over $25 is still available twice a week! Orders under $25 can be shipped or picked up from the store (also two days a week).

Live close-ish to Seattle and want to limit the number of people who come in contact with your order? Store Pickup is available twice a week for the time being.

Unlike other products, fabric isn't just pulled from the shelves and put in a bag. It takes much more time and labor to process an order so there are currently two-day lead times so that no one is disappointed if their order isn't ready or delivered when expected. Again, operating as just one person throughout all elements of the business causes for some delays in communications and inability to ramp up all areas or parts of the business during these strange times.

The number one goal is that we stay afloat, survive business-wise, and keep staff and customers safe, limiting the urge to re-open too soon, and do the best to get you the items you want/need.

Thank you!!

July 08, 2020 by Accumula Collaborator
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